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Transferring companies to the Internet

Fast and safe transfer of companies to the Internet

Fast and safe transfer of companies to the Internet

Transferring a company to the Internet is a long and complicated process that, above all, must be properly planned and divided into stages. Each industry has its own rules, which is why it all starts with an in-depth briefing. Experts from SoftWizard conduct a thorough interview, during which we learn not only about the product or service, but also the customer's expectations regarding the company's activity on the Internet.

On the basis of a detailed briefing, we build a structure on the basis of which we will plan activities related to the company's digitization. Our experts supervise the entire process and analyze all available data on an ongoing basis. We attach particular importance to security, because once lost trust is very difficult to rebuild. Moving your business to the internet usually starts with choosing a domain, hosting, and creating your company's email addresses. Then, the works proceed strictly according to the planned schedule.

Transferring your business to the Internet step by step

Experts from SoftWizard will program a unique website for you, where you will offer your products or services. The appearance of the website as well as its usability (UX) are extremely important from the point of view of the user, i.e. the potential customer. We will make sure that the website is distinguished by its aesthetic appearance and, above all, functionality. In addition, we offer services related to setting Color Strategy and other elements of internet marketing.

Moving your business to the Internet requires experience and extensive knowledge, so it is worth outsourcing this process to us. Each new element is meticulously tested, so you can be sure that it will function properly. We guarantee that the final product will meet your expectations in 100% and at the same time will be created in accordance with good User Experience practices. Your company will be visible on the Internet in a short time, exactly in the way you expect it.

up to 15% commission on the contract value of the acquired client

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