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Online store audit

The first step in the development of the sales platform

Fast and effective online store audit

Are you the owner of an online store, but you are not satisfied with the sales results? Or maybe after introducing changes, turnover, instead of increasing, systematically decreases? You don't know where the sales peaks come from and you can't explain the reason for irregular traffic on your website? Our company offers a professional audit of an online store, based on an in-depth analysis of facts and figures. We guarantee an individual approach focused on the effect, i.e. increase in sales.

Our experienced experts will carefully trace the entire shopping path, look at the content on the pages, and check the store's position in all search engines. SoftWizard provides comprehensive actions thanks to which your store will get to the top of the search list. In addition, we will check how it is perceived by potential customers and whether functionality and usability are its strengths. Audit of the online store also includes verification of the mobile version of the website through which customers are willing to make purchases. This is an extremely important element that should not be neglected under any circumstances, as many users only buy in this way.

Online store audit - the first step in the development of the platform

Auditing is recommended for both large and small platforms, regardless of their seniority. If you are the owner of a newly established online store or have been running an online business for several years and would like to develop, we encourage you to use our services. There will always be areas where it is worth improving selected elements, which is why the audit is the best starting point from which changes for the better begin.

We will present the obtained results in a simple and understandable form. We will also propose a detailed action plan, thanks to which the store's sales results will significantly improve in a short time. At SoftWizard, you can count on the help of experts specializing in programming, graphics, web positioning, and in creating unique content.

An in-depth audit of online store

The increase in the number of online stores is due to a simple supply and demand principle. Every year there are more and more people who buy products online. Some of them cannot imagine returning to stationary shopping, which is why it is so important that the online store meets the highest standards, which directly translate into increased user trust. At SoftWizard, we offer a detailed audit of the online store, thanks to which we will indicate to you areas that need improvement.

Why is it worth using our services? First of all, because we are distinguished by an individual approach to each business partner. Regardless of whether you run a small online store or manage a large sales platform, our audit will be 100% tailored to your needs.

What is an online store audit?

If you have noticed a sudden drop in sales or customers do not go through the entire purchasing path, be sure to contact us. We offer solutions that will quickly and, above all, effectively increase traffic and sales. The audit of the online store includes, among others detailed content analysis in terms of keywords, as well as in terms of UX, i.e. User Experience. We will carefully check the usability of all elements and their speed of operation. In addition, we will check the plugins and the user's path, i.e. the path that must go from the moment you click "add to cart" to payment.

An online store audit also involves checking all website security features, including the SSL certificate. This is an extremely important element that users pay attention to in the first place. It is worth remembering that it is very difficult to rebuild trust once it has been damaged. Security audit will indicate areas for improvement and gaps that may be potentially dangerous.

Audit results are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand form, so that each person will be able to read them. Of course, in addition to the audit, we also offer immediate implementation of all corrections. Our SEO specialists and talented copywriters can help your sales platform get into TOP10 search results.

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