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Bot Allegro

Bot for communication with sellers on Allegro

Bot for communication with sellers on Allegro

2999 $ 1999 $ unlimited license
199 $ 99 $ monthly subscription

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14 days moneyback

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Allegro is currently the most popular online market in Poland. Tens of thousands of sellers sell on it. Many of them can become your customers. If you are involved in:

  • Production
  • Import
  • Export
  • Development services
  • Internet commerce
  • Support for e-commerce

You will definitely have something to offer them. If you want some of them to become your clients - you need this bot!

The bot collects contacts to sellers (e-mails, phone numbers, profiles) and (if you wish) writes private messages to them using the item inquiry mechanism.

Remember that the most profitable thing for you is to buy a package of all our bots for just 99 Euro per month. The first month is free!

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